Packed movie house, 230 Mil box office. All black production with the exception of Martin Freeman, a must see film……When you combine Marvel Comics with the traditionally conservative “Walt Disney” Studios you get, “Black Panther”. The lead actor is Chadwick Boseman (Jackie Robinson in 42). Some familiar faces show up, Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett. This […]

Full house for the viewing of this film. Age of attendees from 30’s through to and beyond medicare. Very well behaved with just a soft mummer of chatter. This film was about HISTORY, our government and the press. We wait for the press to give us information as to how the United States is doing […]

Talk about over the top extravagance this movie has it.  Every thing about it is painted with a wide brush, especially the simple, crusty dialog and the spaced out delivery of the actresses.  Every day “normal preparation” for the up coming, holiday, “Christmas”.  How to meet the  needs of all family members.  Lets focus on […]

Great visuals for SFX (special effects), gamers and action junkies There is a bit of a story to give the star, Gerard Butler, lines to represent the human factor. Beyond that we have total chaos in the form of special effects. If you quickly absorb the flying machines created from the mind of a SFX […]

Darren Aronofsky, writer, director of this film just went off the deep end.  He just wanted to make a film simalar to his award winning “Black Swan”.  He started off innocently enough.  A newly married couple (Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem) settle in to the country side.  She is renovating a 19 century house with great […]

Joan Lengyel reviews The Glass Castle: Dysfunctional family in spades…..You get over whelmed by the total disregard this “family” has. Your children are telling you thy are hungry and the “parents” brains takes them on a flight of fantasy, removes them from reality. Cigarettes and whisky in place of milk and bread. But, as low […]