There is no shortage in choices of what to watch at the theater or while at home. In an effort to help your decision of what to watch, here are some recommended double features to pair with this week’s new releases: 12 Strong, Den of Thieves, and Phantom Thread.

12 Strong Lone Survivor

12 Strong / Lone Survivor

Our first pairing offers two incredible true stories of U.S. troops on the battlefield in the ongoing War in Afghanistan. 12 Strong, based on the book Horse Soldiers, depicts the first Special Forces deployed to Afghanistan immediately following 9/11. In Lone Survivor, based on the book of the same name, a team of Navy SEALs are tasked with taking down a Taliban leader. Neither film shies away from the brutal realities of war; movie stars are seen at their most vulnerable and there will be casualties along the way. Although each film is told from an American perspective, Afghans play significant roles in the conflict transpiring on their homeland. This double feature is recommended for those with an inclination to war films and an appetite for patriotism.

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Den of Thieves Heat

Den of Thieves / Heat

Adults play intense games of cops and robbers in our next bracket: Christian Gudegast’s directorial debut Den of Thieves is billed as “a gritty crime saga” that has an elite unite of the LA County Sheriff’s Dept. attempting to thwart the state’s most successful bank robbery crew from their biggest score yet. Both sides of the law also face off in Michael Mann’s Heat, a cat and mouse thriller that makes the most of its Los Angeles setting. While Gerard Butler and 50 Cent might not have the same film cred as the likes of Pacino and De Niro, both films feature battle-scarred men intent on getting what they want. Do you like lengthy crime yarns and rooting for the good guys along with the bad? Here’s your stop.

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Phantom Thread / The Master

Finally, for those hungry for an arthouse combo, we have a couplet from writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson. Set amidst London’s couture scene in the 1950s, Phantom Thread weaves a peculiar romance tale between a renowned dressmaker (Daniel Day-Lewis) and the waitress he falls for (Vicky Krieps). Also set in the ’50s, The Master follows an American veteran (Joaquin Phoenix), who literally stumbles aboard the yacht of the enigmatic leader of a cult (Philip Seymour Hoffman). Besides both being impeccably crafted films, punctuated with original scores by Jonny Greenwood, both feature unlikely pairs of characters who are destined to meet and are somehow precisely what the other needs. If you’re looking for powerhouse performances that will give you plenty to wrestle with, look no further!

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