Talk about over the top extravagance this movie has it.  Every thing about it is painted with a wide brush, especially the simple, crusty dialog and the spaced out delivery of the actresses.  Every day “normal preparation” for the up coming, holiday, “Christmas”.  How to meet the  needs of all family members.  Lets focus on the mother/daughter…..give credit where credit is due.  Cast:  Mila Kunis, Amy Kristen Bell, Kiki Kathryn Hahn, Carla, Christine Baranski, (met and chatted with Christine) Ruth, Susan Sarandon, Isis, Cheryle Hines, Sandy…….EXCELLENT, dialog clear normal cadence and funnier than h—.Over the top entertainment….If you can overlook a bit of the foul jokes the laughs will make up for your sins.
P.S. A “RIP” to Liz Smith who passed away 11-12-17….Liz was a celebrity, columnist.  I have a short note from her, very generous, very well liked.

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