Darren Aronofsky, writer, director of this film just went off the deep end.  He just wanted to make a film simalar to his award winning “Black Swan”.  He started off innocently enough.  A newly married couple (Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem) settle in to the country side.  She is renovating a 19 century house with great bones.  He in turn (a writer) is struggling to get a book going.  A stranger (Ed Harris) comes to their front door and before you barely close the door, an invasion of very strange “humans” take over.  Mr. Aronofsky slows down the mayhem to ask us to view Ms Lawrence in her night dress.  He pans the camera lovingly up and down against light so she almost appears nude.  One thing about these shots is that they are a prelude to all hell breaking out.  You have to check the credits with the barely recognizable Michelle Pfeiffer
being an exception.  Domhnall Gleeson and Briane Gleeson are so distorted they are beyond recognition.  Well OK, push all that aside and sit and wait for the narrative but a story never develops.  Just to keep myself calm I decide that the husband has sold his soul to the devil and he is in groove of writing.  I have never heard such negative grumbling and disbelief coming from people as they exited the theatre…….

Joan Lengyel

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